Payment / Dispatch

Delivery of AeroFlow® products or a joint order for AeroFlow® and LED products within Germany by freight carrier.

 Radiators   to 50 kg   from 50 kg   from 100 kg   from 150 kg   from 200 kg   from 250 kg
to 300 kg 
 to 500 kg   to 700 kg   to 1000 kg   to 1500 kg   to 2000 kg 
Germany free shipping
Poland 99 € 109 € 119 € 129 € 139 € 149 € 299 € 349 € 399 € 449 € 549 €
Czech Rep.
France 119 € 139 € 159 € 179 € 199 € 209 € 349 € 399 € 499 € 599 € 699 €

Schweiz (inkl. Zollausfuhr-

139 € 159 € 179 € 199 € 219 € 239 € 399 € 499 € 549 € 699 € 849 €


Shipping costs and delivery conditions:

  1. To ensure that the order can be accepted at the delivery address, a valid telephone number must be indicated when ordering, under which someone can be reached during the day.
  2. The AeroFlow electric heaters are packed on pallets and sent to you by a forwarding company. This assumes that the arrival of your delivery address for a truck is possible.
  3. Delivery is Monday to Friday, free of curbside.
  4. The shipping company will contact you about 1 day before delivery. Otherwise no delivery will take place!
  5. Keep the place of delivery and agreed delivery date. Otherwise costs and expenses for a second delivery will be charged. 

In particular, also pay attention to the weight of the electric heaters purchased in the product description. We therefore recommend that you schedule 2 people to accept the delivery.

AeroFlow accessories, if ordered individually, are sent by parcel service. If the order is made together with electric heaters, everything is packed together on pallet.

This is how the AeroFlow® radiators come to you:

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Shipping for radiator accessories within Germany for 6,90 €.

EU shipping fees:

0 to 10 kg 10 to 20 kg 20 to 31,5 kg from 31,5 kg
Luxemburg 19,90 € 25,90 € 29,90 €   49,90 €  
Frankreich 26,90 € 35,90 € 42,90 € 59,90 €
Irland 34,90 € 43,90 € 50,90 € 69,90 €
Bulgarien 69,90 € 76,90 € 89,90 € 119,00 €

Payment Methods:

For delivery within Germany:
- Prepayment by bank transfer (you will receive the bank details with the order confirmation by e-mail)
- PayPal / PayPal Plus >>> see below "Questions and answers about PayPal PLUS "Purchase on invoice"

For deliveries abroad:
- Prepayment by bank transfer (you will receive the bank details with the order confirmation by e-mail)

Questions and answers about PayPal PLUS „Purchase on invoice“

1.  Who is the contractor?
Buyer (you) and seller (Thermotec AG) remain contractual partners. Our claim as a seller to the buyer, we transfer to PayPal. Please pay attention to the note in the footnote of our invoice.

2. Is Paypal "Purchase on account" a PayPal account required?
No, with "purchase on account" you transfer the amount to a specific bank account of PayPal at a later time (payment term).

3. Does PayPal make a credit check of the buyer?
Yes, PayPal carries out a risk check in the ordering process after selecting Buy on Invoice. Hereby it comes to the collection of credit information (scoring) at common credit bureaus.

4. Can the buyer choose a different payment method, if PayPal rejects the "purchase on account"?
Yes, in this case you can choose another payment method to complete the order.

5. What are the costs for the purchase-on-account payment method for the buyer?
For you as a buyer, there are no additional costs in the ordering process. With PayPal, however, dunning costs would be incurred if you are in default of payment. Therefore, make sure that you comply with the payment period set by PayPal. Any dunning costs, which may be invoiced by PayPal under any circumstances, go at any time and completely at the expense of the buyer.

6. When will the payment be due to PayPal?
Usually about 14 days after receiving the goods. You will receive a corresponding e-mail information directly from PayPal. When entering your customer data, make sure you have a correct e-mail address in the ordering process. Subsequently, please check the receipt of PayPal mails in your inbox or in the spam folder.

7. To whom is the invoice amount transferred?

Debt-clearing payments may only be made to the notified bank account of PayPal. The Debt-clearing payments may only be made to the notified bank account of PayPal. The PayPal account details can be found in the corresponding email from PayPal.

Please never transfer to us as a seller. A corresponding note can be found in the footnote of our invoice.

8. What to do if you have been transferred to the seller's bank account by mistake?
Please contact us as soon as possible by phone +49 (0) 35827 789330 or e-mail. We will then transfer the amount back to your bank account. A forwarding of the payment amount on our part to PayPal is not possible, you always have to make a transfer yourself to PayPal. In addition, please contact PayPal Customer Service (0800 7234500) to stop an impending dunning process.

9. What happens if a goods order is revoked by the seller in due time on "purchase on invoice" and the goods are to be returned authorized?

Insofar as the revocation takes place within the legal period of revocation and the return is received before the end of the PayPal payment period, you do not need to transfer the invoice amount to PayPal. We then inform PayPal and cancel the pending payment transaction. This demolition will give you separate information.
In the event that you do not receive a return on time (it counts the date of our receipt) before the expiration of the PayPal payment period, you have to fulfill your payment obligation to PayPal by the set deadline, regardless of your previous cancellation! After receipt of the return with us you receive afterwards an independent credit note by PayPal in your bank account.